Respirator Fit Test Only (Qualitative)

A qualitative fit test includes:

  1. The worker puts on the selected respirator according to the manufacturer’s instructions
  2. He/she is asked to perform a seal check
  3. When using a half-face respirators and irritant smoke as a test agent, workers should be reminded to keep their eyes closed during the test, since smoke can irritate the
  4. A threshold check is
  5. The worker is exposed to an atmosphere containing an odorant, irritant or taste
  6. The worker is then asked to perform the following exercises for at least 30 seconds:
    1. Breathe normally
    2. Breathe deeply
    3. Turn their head from side to side; inhale and exhale when the head is at either side
    4. Nod head up and down; inhale when the head is in fully up position, and exhale
    5. when the head is in fully down position
    6. Talk aloud and slowly
    7. Bending over
  7. The worker then reports any noticed odor or taste changes. If the test agent is detected, the test is immediately terminated due to improper fit. If no detection occurs, the fit test is complete.

Duration – 30 Minutes

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