Muscle Torso Twenty Seven Part


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  • A first class quality manikin handmade from durable, unbreakable plastic.
  • Torso and all internal organs are true to life in both size and shape.
  • Organs can be removed and replaced very easily, facilitating an understanding of the anatomy of individual organs and their position relative to each other.
  • This 27 part torso features a fixed head (skull cap, six part brain, eyeball with optic nerve removable), larynx (two part), sternocleidomastoids and pectoralis minor, breast and belly covering showing superficial and deep musculature, two lungs, heart (two-part), diaphragm, stomach (two-part), liver with gallbladder, whole intestine system with opened cecum, front kidney half, front bladder half, removable gluteus maximus. Torso teaching guide included.
Weight 5 lbs
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