Advanced Teaching Torso


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More detailed than the Basic KnowBody™, the Advanced KnowBody™ separates into the following:

  • components eyeball with extraocular muscles
  • 4 piece dissectible brain half
  • left lung with ribs, right lung with ribs (with blood vessels and bronchioles)
  • 2 part heart
  • liver with gall bladder and diaphragm segment
  • 2 part stomach, intestine unittorso and heart unit
  • 200 hand numbered anatomical features.
  • Features a total of 20 dissectible parts.

Constructed of tough, pliable, unbreakable plastic.Life size in true proportion, anatomically accurate and dissectible into 14 detachable parts.37 inches H. Mounted on a hardwood base. KnowBody™ torsos carry a lifetime guarantee.

Dimensions 93.98 cm
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