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HeartZAP Services Online Blended Emergency First Aid with Level A CPR/AED covers the recognition and treatment of airway, breathing, and cardiovascular emergencies. Training includes CPR and AED skills, management of choking, breathing, and heart-related emergencies such as heart attack, stroke, and cardiac arrest. Other first aid skills include management of severe bleeding, shock, and fainting.

Online course duration: Emergency first aid with Level a CPR/AED: 3 hours and 10 minutes. Includes online training, practice, and testing modules.

In-Person Skills Session: Led by a certified instructor and includes guided practice and scenarios. Duration is a minimum of 3 hours.

To successfully complete the blended learning first aid and CPR/AED course, participants must successfully complete the final assessment in the online session, attend and participate in the skill practice and assessment session and demonstrate competency in all required in-person skills.