Advanced Skeleton with Muscles


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  • All of the realism of an actual skeleton has been captured by the process used to mold this durable and functional teaching aid.
  • An ideal skeleton was selected and used in preparing the production mold for the skeleton materials and the bones, carefully cast to preserve even the finest details.
  • The characteristics of natural bone have been so faithfully duplicated that it would take chemical analysis to distinguish these materials from natural bone.
  • Each bone is cast individually in natural color with all details of anatomy represented.
  • Wherever possible, there is natural movement in the joints.
  • This reproduction is made of special plastic which does not deteriorate with age and which is unbreakable.
  • It can be easily washed with soap and water for years of continuous use.
  • The skeleton is mounted in an upright position on a nonrusting mobile stand.
  • The fully articulated legs and arms on this advanced skeleton are removable, as well as the skull with 32 teeth.
  • The mandible is hinged with springs, and the calvarium is sectioned to permit study of the cranial vault.
  • This functional, durable skeleton features detailed paintings of muscle origins in red and muscle insertions painted in blue.
  • All muscle numbers are easily identified.
  • The muscles are accurately painted at the correct positions under the supervision of anatomists.
  • Bones and muscles are numbered for identification.
  • Includes a comprehensive key. 5 ft. 6 inches tall.
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