Advanced Birth Simulator


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A total simulator for demonstration of all standard obstetrical procedures, Fetal Palpation, Breech Birth, Normal Birth, C Section Birth, Episiotomy, Vertex Presentation, Prolapse of Umbilical Cord.

Features include:

  • A removable diaphragm cover and removable stomach cover for manual positioning of fetus
  • Life size pelvic cavity with all major anatomical landmarks and a hand painted outline of the bony pelvis
  • Ultra soft vulval insert for episiotomy exercises
  • Simulated dorsosacral position for realistic delivery technique
  • Hand painted outline of the bony pelvis.

Cannot do the Leopold procedure on this simulator. Forceps can be used during simulation. All parts in this simulator are replaceable. The Advanced Childbirth Simulator with vinyl skin includes two fetal babies and placentas, spare stomach cover, two spare vulval inserts, two spare umbilical cords, and carrying handle.

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