Privacy Policy


Heartzap Safety Training & Equipment. is committed to protecting the privacy of customers, business associates, employees, volunteers and students. Heartzap Safety Training & Equipment. will adhere to the ten (10) principles established by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). This Act establishes the rules governing the collection, use and disclosure of personal information in respect to commercial transactions.


1. Accountability

The Privacy Officer is responsible for all personal information under the control of the Organization and compliance with this policy. All employees of Heartzap Safety Training & Equipment. are accountable to the Privacy officer for protecting the confidentiality and security of all Personal Information under their control.

2. Identifying Purposes

Heartzap Safety Training & Equipment. will identify the purposes for which personal information is collected and used at the time of, or before the collection of the personal information. Personal Information is collected for the following purposes:

• confirming an application for credit, invoicing, providing quotations, employment or volunteering.
• First Aid Services and Programs
• providing support, establishing and maintaining communication and responding to inquiries.
• assessing the adequacy and quality of services provided.
• confirming employment or volunteer status and maintaining communication.
• to meet CLL’s obligations as an employer, the Association will need to share personal information with other corporations in accordance with PIPEDA Regulations, for example, but not limited to, the insurance provider(s), direct deposit bank, government agencies. Social Insurance Numbers (S.I.N) are required for many of these obligations and will be shared when required.
• meeting any legal or regulatory requirements relating to the above or to the activities of Heartzap Safety Training & Equipment.
• Managing our relationship with customers.

3. Consent

Heartzap Safety Training & Equipment. will explain the reason for and obtain consent before using Personal Information for any purpose other than those listed above.  Heartzap Safety Training & Equipment. will only collect, use and disclose Personal Information with consent except where otherwise required or permitted by law. An individual may choose not to provide the Association with some or all of their Personal Information. An Individual may withdraw their consent to use or disclose their Personal
Information at any time. However, it is important to remember that certain Personal Information is required to maintain Heartzap Safety Training & Equipment.’s relationship with it’s customer and employees. Customers already receiving service or employees will grant this consent through the publication, distribution and acceptance of this privacy policy.

4. Limited Collection

The collection of Personal Information shall be limited to that Personal Information which is necessary for the purposes identified by the Heartzap Safety Training & Equipment. and shall be collected in accordance with PIPEDA Regulations.

5. Use, Disclosure and Retention

Personal information shall not be used or disclosed for purposes other than those purposes for which it was collected except with the consent of the individual or as prescribed by law and in accordance with PIPEDA Regulations. Personal Information will only be retained for the time necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected, and to meet any legal or regulatory requirements.

6. Accuracy

Personal information collected shall be accurate, complete and up-to-date as is necessary for the purposes for which it is to be used. Customers, Business Associates and employees can assist in ensuring records are current by providing Heartzap Safety Training & Equipment. with changes to Personal Information. Heartzap Safety Training & Equipment. will update such information promptly when advised of a change by an individual.

7. Safeguards

Personal information shall be protected by security measures appropriate to the sensitivity of the information. Electronically transmitted information via public internet is not 100% secure. Therefore, Heartzap Safety Training & Equipment. cannot ensure the security of any information transmitted electronically or where Heartzap Safety Training & Equipment. is so requested to transmit via public internet. Heartzap Safety Training & Equipment. will store both electronic and paper files to which only authorized personnel have access. The storage area will be in locked filing cabinets and computer files protected by passwords. All employees of Heartzap Safety Training & Equipment. sign a Confidentiality Agreement upon commencement of employment in which they acknowledge their duties subject to this policy and subject to related legislation.

8. Openness

This policy is publicly posted and accessible via the Heartzap Safety Training & Equipment. website and paper copies are available in Heartzap Safety Training & Equipment.’s Policy Manual and upon request to the Human Resources.

9. Individual Access

Upon receipt of reasonable notice, individuals may gain access to Personal Information on files maintained by Heartzap Safety Training & Equipment. subject to established procedures or any legal restrictions. A nominal charge may be imposed for copying of Personal Information.

10. Compliance

Any person upon whom Heartzap Safety Training & Equipment. collects information, may contact the Human Resources with questions or suggestions with regard to Heartzap Safety Training & Equipment.’s compliance with this policy and relevant legislation. The Privacy Officer may be contacted at the Office of Heartzap Safety Training &  Equipment. The Privacy Officer is responsible for monitoring applicable legislation and regulations and taking such steps as required to ensure that Heartzap Safety Training & Equipment.’s policy and related practices, procedures and safeguards remain in compliance. You can contact the Human Resources at any time through one of the venues below.

Human Resources
1185 Franklin Blvd., Suite 2
Cambridge, ON
N1R 7Y5




Heartzap Safety Training & Equipment is committed to providing our customers with excellent service. Taking a training course through Heartzap Safety involves providing information about yourself, so protection of your personal information is one of our highest priorities.

Heartzap Safety has a solid track record of respecting your right to privacy and safeguarding your personal information. As a result of federal legislation, we’ve further strengthened our privacy commitment by informing you of why and how we collect, use and disclose your personal information.

Why we collect Personal Information

When you first take a training course from us or purchase a product we need to collect some of your personal information. Common purposes for which we collect your personal information are to:

  • Process your certification or replacement card(s)
  • Assist you in your ongoing training needs
  • Ensure your information is accurate and up-to-date
  • Protects both against error and fraud
  • Assists with future marketing and promotion of our programs, products and services

What personal information we collect

Personal information is information that identifies you as an individual customer and relates specifically to you. Depending on the purposes for which we need to collect it we may ask for the following personal information about you including:

  • Basic information such as your name, address, telephone number, e-mail, address, sex and birth date (only when required by legislation)
  • Payment information

How we protect your personal information

In order to protect your personal information and your right to privacy, we will:

  • Not collect, use or disclose your personal information for any purpose other than those that we identify to you
  • Keep your personal information only for as long as we need it to fulfill the stated purpose or required by legislation
  • Maintain your personal information in an accurate, complete and up to date a form as possible
  • Safeguard your personal information to the best or our ability
  • Respond to any request you take to access or correct the personal information we hold about you
  • Obtain the appropriate consent from you for the collection, use or disclosure of your personal information


We may obtain your express consent or we may determine that consent has been implied by the following circumstances:

  • We might ask you for your expressed consent in writing, for example in an application form
  • We may determine that by seeking training through our organization your consent has been implied for us to deal with your personal information in a reasonable manner.
  • We may ask for your express consent in person or over the telephone

Please contact our office if you:

  • Wish to access or change your personal information
  • Have a complaint about our privacy policies or the manner in which we’ve handled your personal information
  • Have any other questions about our policies and procedures

We will respond to you promptly and do our utmost to resolve your concerns. For more information about Federal Privacy laws please contact the Office of the Privacy Commissioner at:


Effective May 14, 2016

Reviewed August 20, 2017

Revised June 1, 2022