National Master Standing Offer

for Bilingual Automated External Defibrillators
National Master Standing Offer

National Master Standing offer number:

Federal AED Powerheart Bilingual G5 package includes:

  • Powerheart Bilingual Cardiac Science G5 AED (Part # G5S-90C)
  • ICPR Electrodes
  • AED Cabinet
  • AED Prep Kit
  • AED 3-D Wall Sign
  • Health and Safety Monitoring & Due Diligence Maintenance Program


Designed for Unexpected Heroes™

The Powerheart G5 AED with IntellisenseTM CPR (ICPR) provides corrective feedback to ensure delivery of high-quality compressions. One button dual-language functionality and daily self-tests give rescuers the confidence to act.

• Intellisense CPR Feedback — Four distinct texts/voices offer corrective CPR prompts for rate, depth, and recoil.
• Dual Language — Change from English to French with the push of a button.

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