Part One: Basic Certification

We have partnered with Industrial and Construction Safety Solutions (ICSS) to provide a CPO-approved JHSC training program.


This certification provides an overall knowledge of health and safety that applies to all workplaces. This interactive 3-day course is a necessary component for Joint Health & Safety Committee members as it brings the Internal Responsibility System (IRS) into practice.


  • Introduction to Training
  • Health & Safety & The Law
  • Policies & Programs
  • The “Joint Health & Safety Committee”
  • The Certified Member
  • Identification & Hazards & Control Measures
  • Identification of Health & Safety Hazards
  • Assessment of Health & Safety Hazards
  • Control Measures for Health & Safety Hazards
  • Investigation Techniques
  • Health & Safety Resources
  • Communication

In order to become a certified member of the Joint Health & Safety Committee (JHSC), members must successfully complete Part II of the certification training within six months of completing Part I.

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