Joint Health and Safety Committee Training

Provincial employers in Ontario employing 20 or more regularly employed workers must have a Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) consisting of at least two certified members, one member representing workers and one representing management. We have partnered with Algonquin Safety to provide a Chief Prevention Officer approved JHSC training program.

Our Joint Health and Safety Committee certification consists of two parts:

  1. Part 1: Basic Certification 3 day course
  2. Part 2: Workplace – Specific Hazard Training 2 days course
Workplace Inspection Programs

Joint Health and Safety Committee Certified Training

Part 1: Basic Certification 3 Day Course

This certification part one program provides an overall knowledge of health and safety that applies to all workplaces. This interactive course is a necessary component for Joint Health & Safety Committee members and brings the internal responsibility system into practice.

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Part 2: Specific Hazard Training 2 Days Course

JHSC Part 2 is specific training based on the significant hazards in your workplace. However, an understanding of the recognition, assessment, control, and evaluation process in identifying hazards provides certified members with skills to apply their knowledge to contribute to the Internal Responsibility System (IRS) for a healthy and safe workplace.

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Introducing Your JHSC Certification Trainer, HeartZap

Heartzap Safety Training & Equipment is a national health and safety company committed to providing quality workplace health and safety training programs, products and consulting services to Canadian workplaces.

Heartzap Safety Training & Equipment training programs are accessible anytime on-site, online, in-class or through a blended learning format. Our training is designed to help employees understand how to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses. We prepare them to handle their health & safety situations and support employers in compliancy with the health & safety regulations across Canada.