Install and Register a Reliable, Affordable AED to Comply with Bill 141

Install and Register a Reliable, Affordable AED to Comply with Bill 141

In the Province of Ontario, Bill 141 requires that all defibrillators are installed in accordance to the regulations, which means all automated external defibrillators (AED) are easily accessible, maintained and tested, and staff are trained to use it. It also requires that defibrillators are registered with the registrar within 30 days of installation. This has many business owners looking for reliable, affordable AED options to invest in their equipment and workforce.

Shopping for AEDs in Canada is made easy through Heartzap Safety Training & Equipment. Comply with Bill 141 by accessing our AED products and specialized training courses.

With so many brands of AEDs and AED accessories on the market, it can be tough to pinpoint one that works for your organization. To help introduce you to some of the best valued AEDs on the market, we’ve outlined three that are a great choice for many companies that include a low cost of ownership. However, if you’d like to discuss your AED needs (products or training) with an expert, contact us and we’d be happy to steer you to the best solution possible.

Affordable AED Recommendations

We’re selective when choosing lifesaving products to distribute. That’s why we can confidently recommend three models of AEDs and know that these will protect your business, its customers and even employees.

All three of these great products:

  • Offer real-time feedback on the quality of CRP being administered
  • Have the ability to measure the depth and frequency of administered compressions
  • Will offer encouragement to continue effective CPR
  • Will advise you to make alterations if improvements need to be made
  • Provide user-friendly feedback so even if the user has never given CPR, the AED can coach them to give effective treatment

In addition, each model also each has unique qualities.

Powerheart G5

The Powerheart G5 is not only reliable and durable but is also the only AED with a bilingual option that can be switched on site depending on the user’s preference. This smart machine self-tests on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to make sure that its internal circuitry, medical-grade battery, and rescue pads are fully functional; so, you know it will consistently perform.


The ZOLL AED 3 is fast when both reporting important statistics and saving lives. By connecting to the cloud, this AED can email you important notices about its self-tests and provide an easily accessible and detailed account of all uses. Further, at an impressive 8 seconds it is among the fastest at delivering a shock after chest compressions stop, increasing chance of survival compared to slower AEDs.


The ZOLL AED Plus is a one-size-fits-all intuitive AED. Its one-piece electrode design is made to effectively accommodate chest characteristics of 99% of the population and can be adjusted to accommodate the other 1% when needed. It’s also a smart design when considering AED novices. Creating one effective piece, rather than splitting it into the standard two pads, reduces confusion when placing.

Heartzap Safety Simplifies the Affordable AED Safety and Compliance Process

Heartzap Safety’s Health and Safety Compliance Management Program records the maintenance checks of AED units including tracking batteries, electrodes and spare accessories, running compliance reports and providing monthly email reminders to perform AED maintenance checks.

When purchasing automated external defibrillators (AEDs), accessories, or training courses, trust Heartzap Safety Training & Equipment to be your one-stop-shop. Our team is here to help you navigate new legislative requirements and put into simple terms what you need, then help you get it.

Ready to install a life-saving AED on your premise? Contact Heartzap Safety.

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