At Heartzap Safety, our goal is to ensure Canadians have a safe and hazard-free work environment. We can do this by partnering with the Industrial and Construction Safety Solutions (ICSS) to provide the training course, Joint Health and Safety Committee CPO-approved Certification. The committee consists of both employers and employees who work together to achieve and maintain a healthy and safe working environment. Employers in Ontario who employ 20 or more regular employees must have this committee with two certified members, one member representing workers and one worker representing management.

How does the JHSC benefit an organization?

According to a report funded by WorkSafeBC, an effective Joint Health & Safety Committee is highly beneficial. This committee provides numerous advantages by strengthening relationships between employees and management, adopting new procedures and concepts, higher employee job satisfaction and promoting open communication among all levels of the organization.

An effective JHSC will not only improve the well-being of the employers and employees, it can additionally increase the success of the business. The impact a business has socially, economically and financially is exceedingly important to stakeholders. This committee sends a strong message that the safety of all workers is the utmost priority. It shows that the organization has a positive health and safety culture, incentivizing stakeholders to choose your company. It reduces the costs of injury and having to replace damaged equipment & property.

Why should you join your Joint Health & Safety Committee?

Being a member of the Joint Health & Safety Committee provides numerous advantages. The JHSC training that Heartzap Safety provides will allow you to gain valuable skills that are transferred to any job while enhancing your employment portfolio. Members build connections with new colleagues, creating growth and development opportunities. You have a voice in the organization’s safety procedures, policies and procedures contributing directly to the safety of the workplace. Your contribution could save a life and ensure a worker goes home. Join your workplace JHSC!

What is it?

The certification has two parts: Basic Certification Course and Workplace–Specific Hazard Training. The Basic Certification interactive course provides an overall understanding of health and safety that applies to all work environments. It is a 3-day course that implements the internal responsibility system.

The course content includes:

  • Introduction to Occupational Health & Safety
  • Health & Safety Law
  • Policies & Programs
  • The “Joint Health & Safety Committee”
  • The Certified Member
  • Hazard Identification & Control
  • Health & Safety Hazard Identification
  • Assessment of Health & Safety Hazards
  • Control Measures for Health & Safety Hazards
  • Investigation Techniques
  • Prevention Resources
  • Communication

The second part of the course is specific training on consequential hazards in your workplace. It is a 2-day course that teaches workers how to identify, assess, control and evaluate hazards within the workplace to create a healthy and safe workplace. The course has hands-on application by creating draft action plans and recommendations. It must be successfully completed within six months of completing Part 1.

The course content includes:

  • Overview of The Workplace Health & Safety Program
  • Musculoskeletal Disorders
  • Workplace Violence & Harassment
  • Slips, Trips & Fall Hazards
  • Indoor Air Quality & Ventilation
  • Work-Related Driving
  • Emergency Planning

We also provide JHSC refresher training. It is a 1-day course that maintains your Joint Health & Safety certification within 3-years of being certified.

The course content includes:

  • Roles, Duties & Responsibilities of Workplace Parties
  • JHSC – Rights, Duties & Functions
  • The Certified Member
  • Hazard Management
  • Changes in Legislation
  • Your Workplace – Best Practices, Challenges & Potential Resolutions

It works!

This course is both required and beneficial to the overall success of workers and the organization. It decreases the likelihood of hazards in the workplace and ensures the safety of the workers. Be the reason your colleagues return home safely to their family, friends and children. Book a JHSC training class now on our website today!