How Much of Your First Aid & CPR Training Do You ACTUALLY Remember?

How Much of Your First Aid & CPR Training Do You ACTUALLY Remember?

Many employees are *technically* trained and certified in Standard AND Emergency First Aid, but a surprising amount of them would actually struggle to remember and properly execute the necessary steps to save a life in the heat of an emergency.

We don’t want employees to just get certified in the necessary areas. We want our participants to gain and RETAIN a practical understanding of emergency protocol. That way, they are more equipped to handle an emergency and potentially save a life. This is why we now offer many of our training’s in a “Blended” format, in which the courses are provided online and followed by an IN-CLASS SKILLS SESSION to practically test the material with an instructor.


Blended-course formats have been proven to INCREASE average retention over traditional formats. This is why we HIGHLY recommend completing First Aid & CPR Training with this course structure. Our goal is to deliver courses that not only educate, but actually provide the participants with the practical knowledge and power to save a life, long after taking the course.


Luckily, we now provide a number of our training’s with this blended structure, which can be found under the “Training” section of our website.


Call us at 1-866-764-8488 ext. 300 to book a training for yourself or your employees today!


Below is a link to an amazing, comprehensive, refresher on CPR by Carrington College. If you have already been certified but feel that some of the material has escaped you, please check it out!!

How To Perform CPR: The Crucial Steps You Should Know

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