Health and Safety Training for Golf Courses: Support Your Staff

Health and Safety Training for Golf Courses

Health and Safety Training for Golf Courses: Support Your Staff

From outside the industry, golf courses may seem like tranquil, safe spaces where little can go wrong. In reality, operating a golf course carries considerable health and safety risks and all employees need to understand how to avoid or address them. Effectively preparing your staff with health and safety training for golf courses needed to deal with such situations is key to keeping your team and customers safe.

From the kitchen to the cart barn and everything else on the course, training employees in safe use and operations will help keep your season running smoothly.

While first aid and WHMIS are the most common type of training your golf course should consider, there may be others of interest to your club specifically. Whatever your safety equipment or training need, including enhanced cleaning and sanitation procedures, ensure you’re proactive and employees have a clear understanding of what they need to do & why they need to do it.

Different Types of Health and Safety Training for Golf Courses

As Canada began phase one of reopening Post-COVID, businesses raced to update best practices to prevent a rapid resurgence of the virus. Golf courses are one of the businesses we have seen reopen in phase one.

Being held in a vast outside environment, golf courses are an obvious choice as a safe recreational activity during the pandemic. However, employees of these sites require new health and safety training to update sanitation protocols and best practices for first aid in order to maintain a safe space and reduce chance of transmission of the virus.

WHMIS Training for Golf Courses

WHMIS is an important training program for any workplace, but with indoor and outdoor workers coming into contact with chemicals, it’s even more essential for golf courses. Ensuring that employers and employees know what hazardous chemicals are in the workplace and how to handle them prevents possible injury.

In a COVID-19 impacted society, the use of sanitary chemicals in businesses has increased, and ongoing training and reaffirmation of knowledge is necessary to protect both employees and customers alike. Heartzap’s online WHMIS training is tailored to your work environment so employees know the safest way to handle chemicals.

First Aid and CPR Training for Golf Courses

When someone needs medical assistance, keeping physical distance is not an option. How should staff provide medical assistance while mitigating the chance of transference of the virus? Heartzap has updated best practices and offers online first aid training so you can lend assistance with lessened risk.

It’s a primary duty of a first aid provider to preserve life and prevent the worsening of a patient’s condition. It’s also their responsibility to ensure the safety of themselves, bystanders, and the affected person. Having staff equipped to lend aid while using best-practices is a huge asset to any institution, especially one where physical activity – such as golfing – takes place.

Joint Health and Safety Committee Certification for Golf Courses

Within the Province of Ontario, employers with 20 or more regularly employed workers must maintain a Joint Health and Safety Committee. As part of this requirement, at least two certified team members (including one on the management team) must be included. These workers will be your internal champions for health and safety priorities.

Heartzap’s Joint Health and Safety Committee training is a two-part, five-day course with interactive modules that can ensure your safety leaders have total understanding of their requirements. Training two or more employees to lead your health and safety team will ensure you’re meeting provincial requirements.

Equip Your Course’s Team with Health and Safety Training

With considerable need for all golf course employees to receive health and safety training, including WHMIS and first aid, consider your options for accessing training. This includes which training programs are suitable for your team and the format they’re provided in. Following COVID-19 you may need a refresher or total overhaul of these courses, so seek a training provider who can address your exact needs.

With online and hybrid courses available to enhance your team’s skillsets, now’s a great time to complete training. Contact Heartzap if you’re interested in providing training for employees at your golf course.

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