Get Active For a Healthy Heart!

Get Active For a Healthy Heart!

Heart disease is the second leading cause of death in Canada. According to the American Heart Association, a sedentary lifestyle is among the five major risk factors.

In a time like this, it can be difficult to prioritize physical activity. ESPECIALLY given the closures of gyms and recreational facilities.

If you are currently isolated and/or working from home, keep in mind the importance of exercise and breaks! For example, small breaks could include: getting up & stretching for a few minutes, taking a walk through a park (or a similar low-risk outdoor space) or even walking the dog.

Despite the public health measures and limited facilities, there ARE ways to safely fit more physical activity in your day!

The more aware we all are of the risk factors, the more we can do to help prevent heart disease for ourselves and the ones around us.

Education leads to awareness, and awareness establishes a foundation for prevention.

Please have a look at this info-graphic provided by ZOLL Medical Corporation to learn more about about how you can work to lower your risk of heart disease!