CPR Manikins

Heartzap supplies CPR Training Manikins, AED Trainers and CPR/AED Training Supplies & Accessories from PRESTAN that will give you the confidence to be ready.

  1. Prestan Professional Products provide a more Realistic CPR-AED Training Experience
  2. Prestan Products provide a unique Real Time audible and visual confirmation when administering CPR
  3. Prestan Products come with an unprecedented 3 year warranty
  4. Prestan Manikins meet the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada & AHA Guidelines
Prestan Professional Family Pack CPR Manikins with CPR Monitor

Introducing Your CPR Manikin Provider, HeartZap

Heartzap Safety Training & Equipment is a national health and safety company committed to providing quality workplace health and safety training programs, products and consulting services to Canadian workplaces.

Heartzap Safety Training & Equipment training programs are accessible anytime on-site, online, in-class or through a blended learning format. Our training is designed to help employees understand how to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses. We prepare them to handle their health & safety situations and support employers in compliancy with the health & safety regulations across Canada.