AED PLUS Detailed Outline

AED PLUS Detailed Outline


The ZOLL AED Plus was designed with the layperson in mind. It provides rescuers with a verbal and graphical guide through the entire rescue process from the ABC assessment to defibrillation and CPR. It is not just an AED, but a total resuscitation system.

The ZOLL AED Plus does more than just shock the victim. For a pulseless patient not in a shockable rhythm, the average AED ceases to be helpful. However, the ZOLL AED Plus coaches the rescuer through the assessment for CPR procedures including calling EMS. Flashing graphics (visual icons) and verbal prompts help the rescuer recall their training when responding to a cardiac arrest by depicting the required steps of checking for breathing and circulation. When performing CPR, the ZOLL AED Plus gives feedback to the rescuer about the adequacy of CPR by providing corrective advice such as “push harder” or “good compressions”. The unit’s metronome will beep at the recommended 100 compressions per minute rate to keep rescuers on the correct pace for chest compressions.

The versatile cover also functions as an adjunct in keeping the airway open during any rescue. The unit uses a two button system: on/off and shock. This unit has been used successfully world wide, in other PAD programs in Ontario and has also been utilized by small Fire Departments and First Response Teams in Ontario.


The device can be used with our patented single uniform CPR-D PADz technology which verbally and visually prompts the user about the quality of CPR by providing immediate feedback concerning the depth and rate of compression. Furthermore, since these pads are uniform, the application on a patient is made simple. In addition the shelf life of these PadZ is up to 5 years from the time of manufacturing. The date of expiration is very clearly identified on the extruding tab present on all padZ.

Secondly, we have our STAT PADZ II which are similar to other standard “two- component” pads that clearly display the appropriate site and method of application. These pads also have the ability to facilitate external cardiac pacing of a victim if deemed appropriate by EMS when attached to the appropriate ZOLL M-SERIES.

Although these pads do not facilitate the CPR feedback component of the AED plus, they remain a viable option to reduce maintenance cost if the ZOLL AED PLUS is utilized by busier and perhaps more professional targeted responders. The stat padz II have a 2 year shelf life. Both the STAT PADZ II and CPR-D PADz are fully compatible with any EMS that utilize ZOLL M-Series.

The “Pedi.padz II” are are designed for children ages 1-8. All AED Plus are already configured (or can be upgraded) to utilize these pads if your program endorses their use. With pediatric pads attached, the AED Plus performs a pediatric heart analysis (electrocardiogram). The AED Plus lets you know whether an adult or pediatric rescue is in progress. With pediatric pads attached, ZOLL’s AED Plus performs a special analysis designed for a child’s faster heart rate. Your rescuers can be confident that the recommendation to shock, or not to shock, is the result of a child-specific heart analysis.

The AED Plus can deliver SIX different levels of energy: THREE higher levels for adults, and THREE lower levels for children. Other AEDs send higher adult levels of energy to their pediatric pads, and then count on special resistors in the wires to reduce the energy delivered to the child’s heart. The AED Plus always delivers the lower energy levels specific to a pediatric rescue. Your rescuers can rest assured the energy delivered will be right for the child they’re rescuing.


The AED Plus incorporates a series of highly visible images (8) on its operating surface which is specifically designed for the infrequent rescuer. The AED Plus uses images as well as corresponding voice prompts and written notification to guide the responder through the resuscitation process. With the combination of visual and verbal prompts, the AED Plus strategically handles applications such as noisy environments (i.e. Industry, where the prompts from the AED may not be heard) by guiding the user visually through the complete resuscitation process. Furthermore, Canada is a cultural Mosaic where (ESL) English as a second language is common place. To counter potential user error where the English prompts in a given cardiac response may not be recognizable to a (ESL) responder, the AED Plus’s universal visual prompts will help ensure appropriate response procedures and protocols are followed. The operating buttons ON/OFF and Status Indicator are conveniently located on the handle and clearly identified. The ON/OFF button is identified using a universal symbol for ON/OFF as well as the appropriate language representing ON/OFF. The indicator located on the opposite side of the handle registers a Red X to inform users OF 3 POTENTIAL issues:

1. Battery capacity has reached 50% (early warning to replace batteries is designed to virtually eliminate the need to change batteries during a code).

2. Defibrillation pads are not plugged in.

3. The internal self check has failed and the system may be in need of repair. The Green Check indicates that the unit is in operating order, the pads are plugged in and that the battery capacity exceeds 50%.

NOTE: The lithium batteries offer an excess of 300 shocks therefore at 50% capacity, the unit will still be able to deliver in excess of 150 shocks. The AED Plus comes complete with an LCD screen that is 1.3”X2.6” in dimension and offers a 120X128 pixels per inch. This number of pixels offers a clear resolution in all lighting conditions. The clock is located in the top right of the screen. Elapsed time continues to be counted for brief power off periods <5 seconds, however, when the AED Plus is turned off for more than 5 seconds, the elapsed time is automatically reset to zero.

Furthermore, the AED Plus uses a 72mm round, .25W, .8OHMS Mylar speaker which is located in the front of the AED Plus below the handle. This speaker is of sufficient size to offer clear and loud voice prompts to handle most environments.


The AED Plus comes complete with a soft sided carry case with a rear pouch large enough to accommodate a spare set of pads, batteries and adapters. The convenient rear pouch has a wide opening which makes access to stored accessories quick and easy. Spare CPR-D padz are stored within a cardboard box to help maintain the pads integrity while being stored or to protect them when the AED Plus is used while responding to a cardiac arrest.

The AED Plus is a highly visible green coloured device. The colour was chosen to address two issues in public areas. This colour is easy to see and find in dark areas and is unlikely to be left behind at the scene of an incident. Secondly, the green colour is a calming colour. Cardiac arrests are stressful environments to be in especially if you are a layperson. The AED Plus looks extremely user-friendly and has proven easy to use.


The AED Plus visually walks the user through the 8 steps of a cardiac resuscitation. At each step a bright LED lights the graphical interface corresponding to the verbal and written prompts (on the LCD screen). This redundant system that uses three methods for communicating the resuscitation process captures those that are written or audible learners or are exposed to an excessively noisy environment by helping to ensure full compliance throughout the resuscitation process.


The LCD screen is 1.3”X2.6” in dimension and offers 120X128 pixels per inch. This back lit screen is highly visible in all lighting conditions clearly displaying the time, shock count and corresponding audible messages. This screen also has the ability to display ECG waveforms if so desired.


The screen uses a back-lit LCD technology providing the user the ability to clearly interpret the prompts.


The ZOLL AED PLUS is extremely low maintenance. Like all AEDS, the unit should be visually inspected on a routine basis, with the green check verified indicating the unit is functional. Maintenance checks should insure dating of batteries and padz. The unit should be tested with a simulator periodically as per the recommendations of the medical director. The unit is very versatile and has an extremely high ingress of 55, making it one of the most moisture resistant and dust resistant aids available. The warranty is for five years.


The AED PLUS does not have a limited life expectancy but most services build in a time line for example 10+ years to change to new and improved technology. However, the ZOLL AED plus software is upgradeable through its infra-red port that is standard on the device. The AED PLUS comes standard with a 5 year warranty during which if there happens to be technical issues with the unit; ZOLL Medical Canada will replace it within 24 hours at no charge. Warranty extensions can be purchased beyond the 5 year period.


CPR-D PADz 4 years from manufacture date as previously noted.

STAT PADZ II have a life of 2 years.


The AED Plus uses Type 123 Photo Flash lithium manganese dioxide batteries commonly found where most batteries are sold. ZOLL recommends the Duracell, Sanyo or Verta brands as they tend to have a longer shelf life. Each battery manufacturer listed offers a shelf life of 10 years.

When the batteries are inserted in the AED Plus and set to complete a comprehensive test 1/week the device will operate for 5 years or 300+shocks (= to 1.5hrs of monitoring) at which time the status indicator will display a RED X indicating that the battery capacity has reached 50% or approximately 150 shocks (= to 0.5 hours of monitoring).

With the extended life of the 10 lithium type 123 batteries from the vendors listed above the battery maintenance is easily addressed. When the status indicator displays a RED X the responder still has over 150 shocks at 200J remaining. Completing protocol is critical and with over 150 shocks remaining when the Red X appears offers the rescuer the confidence that they can complete protocol WITHOUT the inconvenience of changing batteries.


Each ZOLL AED Plus could ideally be provided with spare batteries, spare electrode CPR-D PadZ, and a carry case for any applications that do not involve a cabinet requirement. Please call our sales representative today to see if we have any new specials!!

If you are purchasing MULTIPLE UNITS we do offer discounts!

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